Hello T3H Family,


We appreciate the feedback from the most recent survey that we sent out. Given that a majority of our families are in support of T3H resuming activity (under certain guidelines), we are going to try our very best to manage this new normal. Our coaches are working on creating a practice flow that will allow for there to be small groups in select time slots during the week. We will try this out and see how it works, so please bear with us. We will expect these guidelines to be followed moving forward while practicing indoors as well as when the fields open.

1. Social distance 6+ feet

2. Wash hands upon entry and exit of facility.

3. Keep numbers less than 10. (parents please wait outside the facility. Yes you can come in to use the restroom)

4. Please use provided spray and paper towels to wipe down equipment after each use and at the end of class.

5. Please do not come if you are sick or have been exposed to anyone that is sick.

6. Use common sense and lets keep everyone safe and healthy.


Attached are two documents (questionnaire and waiver) that all players must have signed by parents before participating in any T3H activity. Please fill them out digitally and email it back (Alina's email below) or scan it back if you fill it out by hand. We have appreciated your flexibility as we try and navigate through all of this! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Contact Alina at alina360hawks@gmail.com