Youth baseball jumped started me onto a successful path in sports. I coach because I was given knowledge at a young age, and it would be wasteful to not pass along my life lessons.

Why coach youth baseball?

The game of baseball is a continuous circle of talent, and it’s always good to share my experiences with those who are willing to learn.

Why Team 360 Hawks Baseball?

360 Hawks is a great organization to be a part, not only as a player but as a coach. We all feed off each other’s experience and knowledge, which makes each day a new learning experience.


Chris Epps


I grew up in Stone Mountain, Ga and started playing baseball at the age of 5. Something drew me to baseball whether it was my first home run, or the feeling of striking a batter out. I just know it was a feeling I always wanted to have.
I played at Dunwoody high school from 2004-2007. There I was able to contribute to Dunwoody’s first ever state championship. I received a scholarship to play at Clemson University where I would play with/against some of the best competition across the nation. It’s humbling, but at the same time challenging so you get to find out what kind of person you really are.
I was fortunate enough to get drafted by the Houston Astros my senior Year where my professional journey began. I started from the lowest league on the totem pole, Gulf Coast League, where they say players go to quit. It’s a tough league because the days are very hot, and the pitching typically is really good. I played 5 years in professional baseball making it to Triple A. It’s a very fun experience to those who make it because you build life long relationships and memories.

My playing career...

Dunwoody High School from 2004-2007

State Champions in 2007

Inducted into DHS Hall of Fame [more info]

Clemson University 2007 - 2011

Scholarship to player at Clemson 2007

2010 Clemson Tigers Co-Captain [Clemson Bio]

Houston Astros 2011

Starting my pro career in the Gulf Coast League and eventually made it to Triple-A ball. [MiLB Bio]



Who is the most Interesting person you’ve met and talked with? 
I actually was on vacation in Bimini, Bahamas and Andrew Young happen to be vacationing at the same spot. For those who do not know, Andrew Young was a former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He’s an activist, a politician, and a former civil rights leader. He was very friendly, intelligent, and had so much positive things to say about our youth. 
What do you wish someone taught you a long time ago? 
The one thing I can say I wish I had learned earlier, was the approach to baseball. Sometimes we get in the box as hitters, and don’t have a plan. And I found more success as I got older when I had a plan.
What rule do you wish they would introduce in your favorite sport? 
I love the game of baseball, but the sport can be a drag in time. I wouldn’t be opposed to placing a runner at 2nd base with “1” out when the game goes into extra innings. Even players are worn out by time it gets into the 13th inning. 
What tells you most about a person? 
A person’s attitude when things are going good vs when things are going bad, tells me a lot a person. People who tend to be even keel Can process solutions better when dealing with hard times. Baseball is a sport where you’ll tend to have more failures than successes, so when you learn from your mistakes the rewards feel that much better. 
What is a hobby that would be a lot of fun to get into?
love the water. Pool, lake, ocean etc. So scuba diving is something I would see myself enjoying.